Was Dev right? “Antra will be alone, if she backs up”, he said.

The anxiety of going past her life outraced the fear of loosing all those temporary high-points accomplishments, which were in persistent demand of maintenance. He knew that loneliness would be prevalent in her life despite a huge crowd all around.

“I am not anti-social, I am asocial. You should know, there is no thin line between these two”, Antra said. She chuckled. “You know both of us are alike. We repel, and then feel alone. We interact but we feel that we don’t belong, and again we continue repelling everyone. Basically, there is a while loop equals to TRUE, which is running in our life with the lifelong logic of repulsion. I can’t force you, but I can’t stop trying to make you visualise a life ‘after me’. I probably can sense your fearlessness and positivity, but life is harsh”, he squealed.

“Dev! I will be okay”, she whispered her last few words before bidding him goodbye.


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